What types of sensory or fidget toys can be helpful?

Sensory toys are helpful for a variety of reasons, particularly for individuals with sensory processing difficulties or those who benefit from sensory stimulation.  Sensory or fidget toys can help with sensory stimulation, calming and relaxation, focus and attention, sensory processing disorders, fine motor skills, self-regulation  and sensory exploration and creativity.

Here are some sensory fidget toy ideas that you might find interesting:
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Fidget Cube: A small cube-shaped toy with various buttons, switches, and sliders that can be clicked, flipped, and spun.

Tangle Toy: A twistable, bendable toy consisting of interconnected curved segments that can be twisted and turned into different shapes.

Marble Maze – ETSY


  • Stress Balls: Squeezable balls made of foam or gel that can be squeezed and manipulated to relieve stress and provide tactile stimulation.
  • Fidget Spinner: A handheld toy with a central bearing and three prongs that spin. It can provide a soothing and mesmerizing visual effect while spinning.
  • Kinetic Sand: A moldable sand that can be squeezed, shaped, and molded. It offers a unique tactile experience and can be used for relaxation and sensory play.

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