Mermaid Sensory Board- DIY

A mermaid material sensory board is a type of sensory play activity for children that involves creating a board or panel with reversible sequin materialĀ  that mimics the feeling of mermaid scales. Reversible sequin material is a type of fabric that has sequins attached to it, which can be flipped over to reveal a different color or design on the other side. The sequins are typically sewn onto a base fabric, with one side of the sequin being one color or design and the other side being a different color or design. By brushing the sequins with your hand or a tool, you can reveal the other color or design on the fabric, creating a tactile and visually stimulating experience.

1 Yard and a used poster Frame

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One yard of mermaid material was all I needed to make a sensory board to hang on theĀ  wall.

I glued the material to an upcycled poster size frame and even have enough material left for another small project. Perhaps a pillow!

Children and adults can touch and manipulate the material to explore the different textures and sensations, which can help to develop their sensory processing skills and provide a calming and therapeutic activity.

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