Building Brick Blast- Lego Love

Using  building bricks such as LEGOs for teaching and fine motor skills can be a fun and effective way to engage children in hands-on learning activities. Here are some ideas for using building bricks to develop these skills:

Math activities: Use bricks to teach math concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students can use the bricks to visualize the problems and solve them in a hands-on way.  Use building bricks to teach basic math skills such as counting and sorting. Have children count the number of bricks in a stack or sort the bricks by color, size, or shape. Create patterns using building bricks and ask children to continue the pattern. You can also use building bricks to teach sequencing skills by having children build a specific sequence of bricks.

Science experiments: Use building bricks to create simple machines or conduct experiments on topics such as friction and gravity.

Creativity and imagination: Encourage children to use their creativity and imagination to build their own building bricks creations. This can help develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Collaboration and communication: Encourage children to work together to build structures. This can help develop collaboration and communication skills.

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TRY THIS!    Building challenges: Assign students to build specific structures. Build a bridge, the tallest tower, a shelter, your name.

What can you build with just a cup full of building bricks?

Fine motor skills:  Using building bricks  requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which are important for developing writing skills. Brick building can also help develop spatial awareness and visual perception. Change the space! Attach building boards (available at Dollar Tree), to the wall for a different perspective and  sensory experience.

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